Social Distancing and Author Promotion

So, the world is on fire now. And I know many events are getting canceled or postponed.

So what is an author to do?

Facebook Events!

This weekend I will be a guest on two pages for book lovers everywhere. Stop by and join the fun.  Also, join the “Nicole’s Starting Line-up” Group to get special Ballpark mystery information!

Saturday March 14 5:30pm:

High Society Book Club



Sunday, March 15 (Beware the Ides of March!) 1:00pm

The Write Reviewer’s Book Club



Both are 1/2 hour long and will include sneak peeks, Q&As, and a GIVEAWAY!!


On a side note, the event I was going to in New London at the end of the month has been officially canceled. Hopefully, events in April will still go on *fingers crossed*

FYI, all my Curry friends…I will be at the library on Friday, April 24, 2-4pm to discuss my publishing journey! More to come!

Happy 2020!!

I can’t believe it is 2020.  It seems like this should be the future a la the Jetsons.  But I still don’t have my flying car. Whatevs.

Even with the world falling apart (and not being helped by people in power), 2019 was a pretty good year for me.  I started a permanent job with a great group of people, my family weathered some health scares, and of course….MY BOOK WAS PUBLISHED!

So, you could say it’s been a good year.  Now, with 2020 being here, I decided to make a few resolutions.

  1.  Finish book two of the ballpark mysteries.  I’m sooooooo close.  I’m hoping it get it to my publisher by the end of the month for first edits. Here’s hoping we can get it done and published for baseball season!thumbnail_20191129_124951
  2. Try not let things that are out of my control bother me. “Water off a duck’s back.”
  3. To get over some of my travel anxiety so I can go to other places to promote my book.  Malice Domestic is very high on my list this year!  I also got tickets for my mom, aunt, and I to see Josh Groban at Radio City Music Hall on my birthday…so I really need to get there!
  4. Attend more Sisters in Crime Speakers Bureau events….whether as a panelist or audience member.

So, basically…just want to be better this year.

To close out 2019, here are some pics from my final events of the year. I attended a local author fair at the UCONN Barnes and Noble in Hartford, CT.  They had a fun set up and the music was on point!


The next weekend I took the long drive north to Nashua, NH.  Okay, it was only an hour.  Toadstool Bookshop was so freaking cute!  And all my cousins came to visit!  My dad even joined us for the event.


After the signing at the bookstore (seriously, the NH people were the best!), we treked over to Aunt Leona’s house for some visiting time.  For those that have read the book, part of the dedication was to my Grandpa Asselin.  Leona is his sister. And she’s awesome. Quite possibly the nicest lady in the world. We had a good visit with her before heading back to Massachusetts.


I ended December with time at the NE Mobile Book Fair in Newton.  Unfortunately, they were closing and getting ready to hopefully move to a new location.  I haven’t heard anything from them yet, so I hope things work out!

Then, the holidays.  Unfortunately, I had to work most days. But I did get to spend Christmas day with my mom, Aunt Debbie, and Dunkin.  So that was lovely. I even gave out ornaments of my book.  Because of course, I did.


Even little Lucy Mae Chinault got into the book fun this year!


And, as always…if you’ve read the book, leave a review over on Amazon!  Doesn’t have to be wordy, just a rating is fine too!  Let me know if you’d like a signed book for your collection as well!


Here is to an amazing 2020!!

Mini “Murder at First Pitch” Book Tour!

Well, my book has been out for a little over two months now. And it’s still as exciting as my debut day!  I’ve been making the rounds on the South Shore and Cape to get the word out on my book.  (I’m also deep in the writing of book two).

My very first event was a book club held by some friends down in DC.  Bryce got us all set up on google hangouts and Abby and Kelly had some GREAT questions.  I even got a peak at little Lucy Mae at the end of the night.  So adorable!  And since I’m no good with my fancy computer, I took a picture of the group (including Lauren!)


They really helped me get an idea of what people would ask at events. So I appreciated them inviting me to their club!

Later in the month, I was so grateful to talk at my local library.  The Abington Public Library is where I did a bunch of writing, and I love it so much!  I went in a few weeks before my event and they had my books on the counter and my name on the sign.  I might have cried.  For a book/library nerd, this was the DREAM!

74446232_10100461091047266_7005874868537262080_o - Copy

And my book was all checked out before the event!  So people were reading!  Unfortunately, my talk was being held on the same night as a very contentious school board meeting, so attendance was a bit down, but those that showed up were so enthusiastic and I loved meeting some of the local people who I knew would like my take on the town.

72852401_2464933100227747_1960307813599150080_n - Copy

In the beginning of November, I was part of a panel at the Braintree Library.  I saw they had a local author event on their calendar, so I reached out to the librarian.  She had someone drop out, so I luckily took the spot!  Again, great questions and my fellow panelists were so great!  My mom brought her “squad” and we had a nice lunch at Derby Street afterward.  Highly recommend the BBQ pizza from Rustic Kitchen…just in case you’re ever in town.


(and in case you can’t tell, but my leggings are book spines…so very on-brand.)

And then….the New England Crime Bake in Woburn!  I’m a member of the board, so I was involved from the get-go in regards to social media. Since it was relatively close to home, I just decided to go up on Saturday for the day.  The Guest of Honor was Ann Cleves, who wrote the books the PBS show “Vera” was based on. I just started watching the show, and of course, I love a moody British murder mystery.  She was also extremely lovely, and I think she was an inspired choice for the conference.  I was part of a panel in the afternoon for debut authors and got to talk a little bit about my book.  Later that night, we got debut author medals presented by Ann Cleves. It was like the Olympics, but for writing.  I can’t wait to see those pictures when they come back!  I also met my fellow debut, Nicole. I kept referring to us as a 1960’s girl group “The Nicoles”.  Probably annoying, but it amused me!  Nicole Carson writes both mysteries and romance, so check her out!

And that brings us to this past weekend at the Sturgis Library in Barnstable, MA.  I had a nice group of friends and family show up!  My mom convinced the librarians to put me in the bigger room, so I could talk instead of just sit and sign.  I had a few surprises, Jay Roberts (reviewer extraordinaire) came from Wareham to get a brand new copy of the book he had an ARC of. My old boss from Alion, Paul Feeney also showed up….if only to give me crap about the person described on page 48.  He wanted to know where the inspiration came from.  I did tell him that Eliza is based on Lizy Belmonte, but she knows about it….so it’s not weird. He thought that was funny.


And for those that notice…yes, my hair has changed color three times by the end of this mini tour.  Keeps things exciting!

Coming up:

Sunday (11/24) I’ll be at Bank Square Books in Mystic, CT signing books

B&N UCONN Hartford on 12/5 from 11-3pm for their local author fair,

Toadstool Bookshop in Nashua, NH on 12/8 11-1.

NE Mobile Book Fair, Newton 12/15 1-3pm.

Hope to see you at some events!  (Maybe you’ll even get sneak peaks of book two!)

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours–Murder At First Pitch


I’m so excited to be a stop on the blog tour for author Nicole Asselin and her new book Murder At First Pitch.  This is the first book in her Ball Park Mystery series.  I really enjoyed this one.

Murder at First Pitch: Ball Park Mysteries
Cozy Mystery
1st in Series
Pandamoon Publishing (September 4, 2019)
Paperback: 188 pages
ISBN-10: 1950627217
ISBN-13: 978-1950627219
Digital ASIN: B07TDGL668

Purchase Link – Amazon 

Image result for ballpark clipart

32-year-old Madeline Boucher’s Grandfather instilled a love in the Boston Red Sox into her from an early age and increased that love by purchasing a local Independent League Baseball team, the Abington Armadillos.

After losing her corporate job in Boston, Madeline realizes her best option is to join the family baseball business. As the new “Social Media Director” for the team, Madeline attends her first business function and witnesses an argument between her brother Ben, and a strange man.

View original post 1,920 more words

Spooookkkkyyyyy Season

I love the fall season.  It’s my most favorite time of the year.

So, in honor of the month of October, I decided to read a bunch of spooky books.


With a cameo of my Jacques.  (I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how long it took to get this picture.  But it was a lot.  And yes, it’s a scratch haunted house for cats. Yes.

So, back to books.  “Hunting Prince Dracula” is a re-read.  The last book in the series is out now, and I wanted to catch up before I read the last one.  It’s a great YA series and I highly recommend.  I’m not usually a big horror fan, but I received a copy of the “Haunting of Hill House” in one of my subscription boxes, and I can’t wait to dive into that one.

“Gideon the Ninth” has been super hyped up, along with “The Bone Houses”.  Also, across twitter, I’ve been hearing about “The Library of the Unwritten.”  I love a good story about a mysterious library….and I think I heard this one is all the books that have never been finished.

Which, leads me to my other project of the spooky season.  FINISH BOOK TWO OF THE BALLPARK MYSTERIES!!

I was writing at Dunkin Donuts today, and now I’m back at home to watch the Patriots and do some more writing.  I’m under strict supervision by my oldest child and hope to knock out a bunch of words today.  My plan is still to have this finished by Thanksgiving so I can get it out for editing well before the baseball season.


If you’ve enjoyed “Murder at First Pitch”, please leave a review on Amazon!  I appreciate all the reviews I’ve gotten so far, and once I hit 50 reviews, there is some sort of magical algorithm that Amazon has.  Thanks again for all your support!

Don’t forget to check the events tab to see where I’m going to be in the next few months!