Concession Stand Crimes Update

June 29, 2022 is release date!

Stay tuned…planning for a launch party is in the works. Save the date for July 1!

If you have a Kindle, you can pre-order the book NOW and not have to worry about purchasing it in June!

Also, I had some fun with book trailers in Canva today. Here is the first attempt!

Emerging from the Pandemic

Remember the before times? Events, people, concerts, etc. Well, now that the pandemic is winding down (not over!), my events calendar is starting to fill up again. Remember baseball? I hope by the time you read this an agreement will have been reached and we’ll have a season.

Book two is on track for release early this summer. So my schedule in turn is ramping up as well!

I was hoping to have some copies of my book for my first event, MALICE DOMESTIC in Bethesda in early April, but I don’t think I’ll have copies. For those that haven’t read MURDER AT FIRST PITCH, I will be signing and selling copies there as well!

May is pretty quiet (so I’m looking for events if you have any thoughts!).

June I will be attending the Natick Farmers Market with several of my MWA and SINC members. June 11 All day! June 18, I will be at Rockland Day at the vendor fair as well. So if you’re on the South Shore make sure you stop by!

I’m still working with several minor league baseball teams in the hopes of joining them in their ballparks to sell my love letter to baseball book. My plan is to attend a Harrisburg Senators game in July or early August (update, Aug 6 is now on the calendar!). I would be so nice to see the team that I used to see in MS/HS on City Island. (And of course visit some of my old haunts…Pomfret St Books in Carlisle? Cumberland Valley HS reunion?)

Sept 8-10 is Bouchercon in Minneapolis, MN. Never been there, but I went to Bouchercon way back in New Orleans and had such fun at that conference. And by then I should have tons of copies of the 2nd book for signing and selling!

Finally, I registered to be a part of the Chocolate Town Book Festival in Hershey PA on October 1. Again, a trip to my HS family. Plus, a trip to Hershey park in order too? Is Chocolate World still free? Is the song still the same? Will it smell like chocolate in town? Maybe even book a stay at the Hershey Spa while I’m there. Mmmm…chocolate.

*Phew* Hopefully my anxiety won’t creep back in and I can make all these trips! I miss seeing people/readers and introducing them to my little cozy mystery. Also, I’ll be updating the events page as things get more confirmed (and I can take a work break).

Do you have favorite types of events you like to see authors at? Email me at!

Firebird Award Winner!

I saw this contest on a Twitter feed a little while go. I loved everything about it! They run the contests quarterly, and there a TON of different genres to enter. My book was obviously entered in the Cozy Mystery category and WON! Woooooooo!!!

The best part of this contest?

“At Speak Up Talk Radio, our mantra has always been this: Speak Up–your words can change the world. You never know how your words affect those you may never meet. And to help you become a magical helper, like the mighty firebird who drops pearls, your entry fee is used as a tax deductible charitable donation to brighten the rooms of women and children in homeless shelters.

All entry donations fund Enchanted Makeovers 501(c)3 women and children’s long term shelters renovation and transformation project, naming you as the donor.

A humble pillowcase can transform the way women and children see their shelter bed by turning it into a place to travel away from their circumstances and into their dreams.

These bright and patterned pillowcases are handmade with love. This one simple gesture can bring happiness and joy even through the hardest times. Thank you for joining us”

To all my author friends, I highly recommend this contest and organization!

Happy December!

Can you believe this year is almost over? It seems like just yesterday it was March 2020.

Hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy…I’m boosted and so excited to be getting back to real life. In fact, just a few weeks ago I attended the NE Crime Bake. Luckily I got to work the registration desk and it was so nice to see lots of author friends in person!

A few of us also did a mystery making event at Woodsdale Elementary here in Abington. Kids. Man. They sure are, um, excitable. It was fun and I hope we can do more in the future! It was 3rd and 4th graders, and I could definitely see some budding writers in the mix. In fact, one little guy told us he was going to be an “arthur” when he grew up. Adorbs. (If you want us to come to your school, senior center, library, etc just reach out to the Sisters in Crime NE

Now, on to the fun stuff.

Image from The Christmas Place in Abington MA

As you know, I had a fantastic cover reveal for book two. Look at my two babies together.

I’m still in the editing process (cracking my knuckles and getting ready for my edits to come back!). I did have a note from one of our marketing people at Pandamoon about my timing being off in the book. What? Like I can’t have two Tuesdays in a row? Fine. I’ll fix it. So on Veterans Day as I waited for the Abington parade to start, I took my draft and went chapter by chapter to figure out what days I had. And, lo and behold, he was right! That’s a few edits done ahead of time!

Make sure to check my Events page….I have a BUNCH of craft fairs on the South Shore coming up. Just in time for the holidays (and new swag to give out!)

Dec 11, Rockland

Dec 12, Abington

Dec 18, Pembroke

And finally…..if you are on Twitter and/or Instagram…come join me and a million other awesome cozy mystery authors for the #12DaysofCozies with the Cozy Mystery Book Club! Find so many awesome books to add to your TBR and ask all the cozy questions you need the answers to!

**Trumpet Sounds** COVER REVEAL

Ahhhh…book two is getting that much closer!

It’s time to reveal the cover of book two in the Ballpark Mystery series.

Concession Stand Crimes coming soon!!!

This past weekend was the New England Crime Bake, the first in person conference that I have attended since the whole pandemy started. It was awesome! I was on the committee, and my fellow team members did an AMAZING job getting this off the ground. This week we even provided another online version of the conference for those that were wary about travel or large crowds. I’m hoping we’ll do something similar in the future.

Where you at the NE Crime Bake? Send me pictures or your thoughts to for me to pass along to the rest of the team (and if you agree, to post on the social media pages).

Where did the summer go?

It’s almost that time of year! FALL!!!

I love cooler weather, leaves changing, and all that good stuff. Suprisngly, I’m not a PSL fan.

I had such a good summer selling books with my friends in NH at A Freethinker’s Corner in Dover, NH (they have several signed copies on their shevles if you’re in the area), at the Weymouth Farmer’s Market, and various craft fairs. It’s my new favorite!

I also was honored to guest host the Morning Show with Rob Hakala on 95.9 WATD on August 12. I loved it so much. All the traffic reports I could want! It was a dream!

Next up on the agenda is the Abington Music Parents Craft Fair on Sept 19 at the high school. Come down if you’re still waiting to pick up the book!

I got updates that book two is currently with my fabulous editor, and I’m hoping to get that out to you all later in the Fall….hopefully in time for the World Series (c’mon Red Sox!).

I’ve also joined Tik Tok to be like the cool kids. I don’t post a ton, but I do watch a lot of them. Come follow me @NicoleAsselin38.

Also, check out this great new review I got!

Come See Me!

Are you busy this Sunday August 1st? If no, come by Weymouth High School for their Artisan Fair. I will be there with my Ballpark Mystery and some swag!

Then, if you happen to be in the Dover, NH area I will be attending A Freethinker’s Corner 3-year anniversary. Come see me and many other New England authors celebrate this indie bookstore! (12-4pm).

THEN, August 12, I will be co-hosting the morning show on WATD 95.9 with fellow Curry College grad Rob Hakala. You get to hear my radio hosting debut.


We are ramping up to the release of book two, and I plan on a bunch of more craft fairs planned for September and October. So see you at one or more of these events.

Getting Back Out There

Even though the ‘rona has not fully left us yet, more events are starting back up and I’m trying to get out there. Masked, of course, and fully vaxxed.

Two weeks ago was a lovely craft fair where I sold out of books! I mean, how cool is that! So I ordered a whole bunch more (I will never run out again *shakes fist*). And hopefully I’ll be able to sell more when book two comes out….any time now. My cover should be next in the pipeline, so make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter to get a first look!

This past weekend was the Malice Domestic virtual More than Malice conference. I participated in an Author Speed Dating panel which was so darn fun. I added some books to my shopping list, and will be following a lot of these authors.

Here is a taste:

August is shaping up to be a busy one too. August 10 I will be at a Freethinkers Corner in Dover, NH for their 3 year anniversary. I hope to see my friends/family from the north at that event too! August 12 I will be co-hosting the morning show with Rob Hakala on WATD 95.9. I was a guest a while ago, so I thought I would attempt a little longer discussion. Plus, he’s a fellow Curry College grad, so it should be fun. Stay tuned!

My very first book trailer!

So, it’s for book one. BUT, it was fun to attempt and get ready for another one for book two. Coming soon!

And, you can now order signed books through the link above. If you already bought a copy, but don’t have it signed, email me/reach out with your address and what you’d like it to say and I can send out a special baseball themed book plate!

Good Day PA Interview

I love doing interviews. I love talking about my book.

So, one day I saw a fellow author on Facebook post about the show “Good Day PA” and a segment they did. Well, as a former resident of Mechanicsburg, PA, I knew I had to get in on that show! I spoke with Amy Kehm last week, and today the segment aired.

The best part?

The first segment of the show was about the potato donuts from the Farm Show in Harrisburg. For those that grew up in that area, the Farm Show is big doings in central PA. I would go for the donuts, and the delicious milkshakes. Oh, and the butter sculpture. Like I said, big doings.

It was a short (but fun) interview. I wish I could’ve spoken about my love of the Harrisburg Senators on City Island. That was the place to hang out back in my day. Not only did it have minor league baseball, they had a little marketplace, little train, and mini golf. I think I even went on a romantic date at City Island during high school. Oh the memories.

Last year was my 20th HS reunion. Unfortunately, due to the ‘rona, we weren’t able to get together. I hadn’t been able to make any of the reunions before, and last year was the big one! Plus, I was going to try and hit up some of the bookshops in PA while around. Hopefully, once that vaccine roll-out happens I can head down there for a weekend (hit the Hershey spa), see some old HS buddies, and promote my second book as well!

Shout out to Cumberland Valley HS Class of 2000!