So much to talk about!

Wow, I’ve been remiss in posting updates in a while. My bad! I have another two episodes of “BASEBALL, BOOKS, AND BANTER” to talk about.

First up, an episode with father/daughter duo, Ron & Brigid Collins who started a fun new series with “Homerun Enchanted”.

After that, while I get my schedule into gear, I did a mini-episode. Just me, my Red Sox hot takes, a few Patriots thoughts, and some book recommendations! So find it wherever you find your podcasts! I’m going to be editing a Malice Domestic wrap up later this week… stay tuned!

This past weekend I attended one of the most fun conferences for mystery fans….Malice Domestic! Now that I have a 4 day work week, I decided to head down a little earlier to DC to take advantage of all the event has to offer. And it was well worth the drive! Friday morning I participated in something called “Malice Go ‘Round.” It’s 20 tables, two authors per table, and a large amount of readers! Each author had two minutes per table to talk about their book. Some people said they practiced their pitch, and I’m sure they were very professional. For those that know me, I’m not the type to plan too much beforehand. By the time I got to table 20, I’m not even sure what I was saying anymore. It was fun though….and I manifested my Netflix deal and Chris Evans staring as Davis in the movie. So fingers crossed!

I didn’t do a lot of the night activities (surprise, I hate nights), so most nights were spent back in the hotel room trying to will my teams to victory. It didn’t work for the Bruins. So that was a bummer. But it pushed the Celtics to the second round….so, there is that. Saturday was a full day of panels and activities, and I got to see so many old/new friends. Bought lots of books, got a bunch of free books from Kensington authors (including Misty Simon/Gabi Allen). Talked to the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop about their event in August. And sold out of the books I brought (which was only about 5 books….I didn’t plan well).

Sunday morning was my panel on Odd Jobs. Most of the audience (and the panelists) were exhausted from the week, but we had such a fun time talking baseball, photography, home staging, mixology, and crossword puzzle creation! Someone even came to get a book signed afterwards! Such fun! Then began the long slog home in a monsoon. Not to mention a game 7 bruins loss. Definitely wasn’t fun.

I’m mostly recovered, but still tired. So enjoy some pictures!

Chrisitn Brechard and I before the panel.
My new friend (and first time Malice attendee) Martin from NY!

Another fun thing I did before the conference was commission a new logo for my author page. I mean, check this out:

Look at my kitties! They all look so good! Find Tatiana here

I also forgot to share the map of the Ballpark Mysteries town of Abington (the fictionalized version of what the real town looks like…makes sense?)

Isn’t it adorable!!!??!!

Postcards will be available at all my upcoming events, and now that summer is here stay tuned for more events! Here is what is currently on the schedule:

Braintree Farmers Market 6/3

Maine Crime Wave 6/9

Murder as You Like It – Mechanicsburg 8/5

Let me know if there is somewhere you’d like me to visit, and I’ll reach out!

Also, if you’d like to support my journey, find my Ko-Fi account here:

I even have a quick 10 minute tutorial on how to use Canva to make town maps. My next Canva class will be how to use it to create bookmarks for promotions. So stay tuned for that!