Baseball, Books, and Banter is LIVE!

I did it! I recorded my intro to the podcast today. I still have some bumps to work out (mainly that my office chair sounds haunted). But it’s started, no turning back now! I’m waiting for the hosting company to publish it, but you can have the first listen.

If you’re intrigued by what I’m doing, feel free to support me at Any donation is appreciated!

If you’re an author who also happens to like sports (I’m looking at you Olivia Blacke) I would love to have you on my show! You don’t necessarily have to like sports, but that’s always helpful. If you are a sports person with an interest in books, you’re also invited!

I can’t wait to record more, so stay tuned! (also, if you’d like to write a theme song, I’m interested!)

Baseball, Books, and Banter Introduction

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