Malice Domestic 2022

In person conferences! Yes, we had Crime Bake in November, but that was a little bit smaller.

Travelled to Bethesda, MD with several hundred other mystery authors/fans. I was lucky enough to be on a panel, AND have a book signing. I got to meet new readers (shoutout to Stephanie the Royals fan), talk about my book, talk about being a geriatric millennial, and pick up a ton new books! Wore a total of three Svaha dresses all weekend (lots of compliments). You can find their super cool dresses here! (Lots of mirror selfies were taken).

Can you google a killer panel:

Since the pandemy effectively cancelled Malice Domestic for the past three years, I was still considered a “new” author. That meant I got to participate in the fantastic new author breakfast on Sunday before I left. I have never met a microphone I didn’t like, that’s for sure.

While I didn’t get to see everyone, I did finally talk to someone I’ve been twitter friends with since the beginning of the pandemy. We were in a panel together right when everyone was learning how to use zoom, and we immediately connected over sports! SPORTS! She’s the author of the Brooklyn Murder Mysteries which are super fun/funny! Check her out!

Here we are on the final day with fellow mystery author (and resident of Mechanicsburg PA) Misty Simon (who has a million books out in different series!)

Of course, the good times had to end. I didn’t even get to talk to everyone I wanted to! It was a jam packed weekend. Even squeezed time in with my Dad who came for the panel on Friday. The drive home on Sunday was long, but I was so glad that I went! Next up conference wise is Bouchercon. I haven’t flown since well before the pandemic, so I’m already a little anxious about that. Plus, Malice turned into a bit of super spreader event, luckily most of us were vaxxed so it was pretty mild all the way around. I never tested positive, but know many who did. So the pandemic is not over yet!

In other book news, book two is still on track for release June 29. I’m having a public book launch party at Study Hall 101 in Kingston MA on July 19 from 12-4pm. Feel free to swing by and pick up a signed book, swag, snacks, and cupcakes! Also, if you have an e-reader, pre-order the book now! Concession Stand Crimes

Enjoy some videos from my Tik Tok at Malice!

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