Authors for Ukraine

Like most people, I have been watching the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in horror and empathy. I didn’t know if there was anything I could do, and felt helpless.

Enter author Amy Patricia Meade. She rallied fellow authors and created an AMAZING auction where authors could donate and ANYONE can bid. The auction is open until April 12 and as a group we are hoping for lots of money to help those suffering in the Ukraine.

I have donated a signed copy of book one, some swag, and an ARC of Concession Stand Crimes.

Bid early and bid often!

From the website:

Authors for Ukraine Charity gives readers the opportunity to bid on SIGNED AND DEDICATED books by over 170 of their favorite authors as well as discover and support works by writers who might be new to them.

All proceeds from this auction benefit CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund, which strives to reach 4 million with immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance — prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.

CARE is a Charity Navigator four-star rated charity.

Concession Stand Crimes Update

June 29, 2022 is release date!

Stay tuned…planning for a launch party is in the works. Save the date for July 1!

If you have a Kindle, you can pre-order the book NOW and not have to worry about purchasing it in June!

Also, I had some fun with book trailers in Canva today. Here is the first attempt!

Emerging from the Pandemic

Remember the before times? Events, people, concerts, etc. Well, now that the pandemic is winding down (not over!), my events calendar is starting to fill up again. Remember baseball? I hope by the time you read this an agreement will have been reached and we’ll have a season.

Book two is on track for release early this summer. So my schedule in turn is ramping up as well!

I was hoping to have some copies of my book for my first event, MALICE DOMESTIC in Bethesda in early April, but I don’t think I’ll have copies. For those that haven’t read MURDER AT FIRST PITCH, I will be signing and selling copies there as well!

May is pretty quiet (so I’m looking for events if you have any thoughts!).

June I will be attending the Natick Farmers Market with several of my MWA and SINC members. June 11 All day! June 18, I will be at Rockland Day at the vendor fair as well. So if you’re on the South Shore make sure you stop by!

I’m still working with several minor league baseball teams in the hopes of joining them in their ballparks to sell my love letter to baseball book. My plan is to attend a Harrisburg Senators game in July or early August (update, Aug 6 is now on the calendar!). I would be so nice to see the team that I used to see in MS/HS on City Island. (And of course visit some of my old haunts…Pomfret St Books in Carlisle? Cumberland Valley HS reunion?)

Sept 8-10 is Bouchercon in Minneapolis, MN. Never been there, but I went to Bouchercon way back in New Orleans and had such fun at that conference. And by then I should have tons of copies of the 2nd book for signing and selling!

Finally, I registered to be a part of the Chocolate Town Book Festival in Hershey PA on October 1. Again, a trip to my HS family. Plus, a trip to Hershey park in order too? Is Chocolate World still free? Is the song still the same? Will it smell like chocolate in town? Maybe even book a stay at the Hershey Spa while I’m there. Mmmm…chocolate.

*Phew* Hopefully my anxiety won’t creep back in and I can make all these trips! I miss seeing people/readers and introducing them to my little cozy mystery. Also, I’ll be updating the events page as things get more confirmed (and I can take a work break).

Do you have favorite types of events you like to see authors at? Email me at!