Firebird Award Winner!

I saw this contest on a Twitter feed a little while go. I loved everything about it! They run the contests quarterly, and there a TON of different genres to enter. My book was obviously entered in the Cozy Mystery category and WON! Woooooooo!!!

The best part of this contest?

“At Speak Up Talk Radio, our mantra has always been this: Speak Up–your words can change the world. You never know how your words affect those you may never meet. And to help you become a magical helper, like the mighty firebird who drops pearls, your entry fee is used as a tax deductible charitable donation to brighten the rooms of women and children in homeless shelters.

All entry donations fund Enchanted Makeovers 501(c)3 women and children’s long term shelters renovation and transformation project, naming you as the donor.

A humble pillowcase can transform the way women and children see their shelter bed by turning it into a place to travel away from their circumstances and into their dreams.

These bright and patterned pillowcases are handmade with love. This one simple gesture can bring happiness and joy even through the hardest times. Thank you for joining us”

To all my author friends, I highly recommend this contest and organization!