Where did the summer go?

It’s almost that time of year! FALL!!!

I love cooler weather, leaves changing, and all that good stuff. Suprisngly, I’m not a PSL fan.

I had such a good summer selling books with my friends in NH at A Freethinker’s Corner in Dover, NH (they have several signed copies on their shevles if you’re in the area), at the Weymouth Farmer’s Market, and various craft fairs. It’s my new favorite!

I also was honored to guest host the Morning Show with Rob Hakala on 95.9 WATD on August 12. I loved it so much. All the traffic reports I could want! It was a dream!

Next up on the agenda is the Abington Music Parents Craft Fair on Sept 19 at the high school. Come down if you’re still waiting to pick up the book!

I got updates that book two is currently with my fabulous editor, and I’m hoping to get that out to you all later in the Fall….hopefully in time for the World Series (c’mon Red Sox!).

I’ve also joined Tik Tok to be like the cool kids. I don’t post a ton, but I do watch a lot of them. Come follow me @NicoleAsselin38.

Also, check out this great new review I got!