Good Day PA Interview

I love doing interviews. I love talking about my book.

So, one day I saw a fellow author on Facebook post about the show “Good Day PA” and a segment they did. Well, as a former resident of Mechanicsburg, PA, I knew I had to get in on that show! I spoke with Amy Kehm last week, and today the segment aired.

The best part?

The first segment of the show was about the potato donuts from the Farm Show in Harrisburg. For those that grew up in that area, the Farm Show is big doings in central PA. I would go for the donuts, and the delicious milkshakes. Oh, and the butter sculpture. Like I said, big doings.

It was a short (but fun) interview. I wish I could’ve spoken about my love of the Harrisburg Senators on City Island. That was the place to hang out back in my day. Not only did it have minor league baseball, they had a little marketplace, little train, and mini golf. I think I even went on a romantic date at City Island during high school. Oh the memories.

Last year was my 20th HS reunion. Unfortunately, due to the ‘rona, we weren’t able to get together. I hadn’t been able to make any of the reunions before, and last year was the big one! Plus, I was going to try and hit up some of the bookshops in PA while around. Hopefully, once that vaccine roll-out happens I can head down there for a weekend (hit the Hershey spa), see some old HS buddies, and promote my second book as well!

Shout out to Cumberland Valley HS Class of 2000!