Zoom Book Club July 13 630pm

Yay! An event in 2020!

Last year, I attended the NELA conference in Connecticut with the Sisters in Crime NE and met so many great local librarians!

One connection was Sue Nakanishi who is one of the librarians up in Groveland, MA. She used one of my books as door prizes for her mystery book group, and has been so awesome as a resource!

Groveland is North of Boston, and at the beginning of this year, we had discussed trying to schedule some sort of event at the library. And then….BAM. Pandemic! (Wear your mask people!).

All events are now remote/zoom/facebook rooms/skype/etc. This is perfect for me who now can do all of her book talks from the comfort of their home. Sue reached out to me again with the option of doing a zoom book chat next week.

Of course! This is my jam!

So, I have a new event for 2020!

To join, make sure to register at the following link so you get the zoom information. It’s FREE! (And you’ll get a sneak peak of book two).


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