Promoting in a Pandemic

It’s been hard. I’m not going to lie. I miss bookstores, library events, and craft fairs. But I get it. Time to stay safe.

In our new world, authors had to adjust on the fly and learn new ways to promote their books. Zoom has been a god send, and I have done several interviews since we have been in semi-lockdown. I did a super fun event with the Langley-Adams library a few weeks ago, and loved hearing from people who haven’t had a chance to read the book yet ask questions!

Thankfully, my publisher has been AMAZING at promoting their authors. For the summer, they have offered discounts on the books, free promotions, and launched an “author of the week” program. I did a reading and a great interview with Elgon Williams.

This past week I sent out a bunch of emails to local cable access stations to see if they had any time for interviews. The Whitman station got back to me quickly, and the producer was actually someone I had met when filming with the Abington High School. We had a fantastic interview, which I will post when it’s available. Also, he works at 95.9 WATD which is the local South Shore radio station. We taped another interview that will air on Monday Aug 3 at 730pm (Don’t worry, there is no Red Sox game that night).

I will hopefully be scheduling time with the Holbrook and Milton stations as well. And you know me, I love to chitty chat about my book as much as possible.

Another fun event is the Cozy Ink Summer Conference scheduled for tomorrow. Leah Bailey has compiled a bunch of cozy authors and their tips and tricks for writing mysteries. If you want to register, go to for the link! Did I mention it was FREE? Cause it’s free.

As always, stay safe, stay masked, and virtual hugs to you all!

Zoom Book Club July 13 630pm

Yay! An event in 2020!

Last year, I attended the NELA conference in Connecticut with the Sisters in Crime NE and met so many great local librarians!

One connection was Sue Nakanishi who is one of the librarians up in Groveland, MA. She used one of my books as door prizes for her mystery book group, and has been so awesome as a resource!

Groveland is North of Boston, and at the beginning of this year, we had discussed trying to schedule some sort of event at the library. And then….BAM. Pandemic! (Wear your mask people!).

All events are now remote/zoom/facebook rooms/skype/etc. This is perfect for me who now can do all of her book talks from the comfort of their home. Sue reached out to me again with the option of doing a zoom book chat next week.

Of course! This is my jam!

So, I have a new event for 2020!

To join, make sure to register at the following link so you get the zoom information. It’s FREE! (And you’ll get a sneak peak of book two).