Deep Thoughts

Okay, maybe they aren’t deep thoughts, just things on my mind.

First of all, just know I support #BLM. I support the protesters. I also acknowledge I don’t know how it feels to be profiled or attacked in society, but I am always here to listen and learn.

So, now on to lighter things. Book Two in the Ballpark Mysteries is currently with the publisher for editing. I cannot wait to get it back and dig back in! I’m in the very early stages of plotting book three, which will find Madeline leaving the confines of Abington to another ballpark. Should be fun!

But before that, she encounters another murder at the ballpark. As one does.

During one of my early events at the Abington library, a gentleman mentioned how Abington might have had a baseball team in the 40s or 50s that he remembered watching down at the local school. So on a whim I decided to email the local historical society, the Dyer Library in Abington.

I received a lovely email from the archivist, Merlyn. Here is a snippet of what she found:

“Abington, Rockland, and Whitman had several baseball teams between the
1890s-1930s. They were mostly company teams associated with shoe
factories. There may have been an independent Abington team associated
with a league during that era but that will take some time for us to
research. The American Legion started their baseball team post-WW II.
Abington did not have a team in the Cranberry League but Rockland did.
The Cranberry League was founded in the 1960s.”

Shoes and baseball? I’m here for it. I’m hoping to be able to put some of this info into future books!

Speaking of libraries…..I love that my library in Abington is working on a curbside pickup option. So many good books I’ve gotten to read now they they re-opened!

Just some of the books I’ve read during the pandemic (my pile keeps getting bigger even as I try to put a dent in it):

Deathless Divide – Justina Ireland (book two….zombies in the wild west)

Ruin of Kings & The Name of All Things – Jenn Lyons

Realm of Ash – Tasha Suri

The Alloy of Law – Brandon Sanderson

The Woman in the Mirror – Rebecca James

Once & Future – Amy Rose Capetta & Cori McCarthy

The Ancestor – Danielle Trussoni

Journey of the Pharaohs – Clive Cussler

Check out more recommendations in my bookshop!

I hope everyone stays safe out there! Sending all sorts of good vibes to everyone.

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