Cozy Ink Podcast (and scavenger hunt giveway)

Oh man. Last week the quarentine finally got me. I was working from home like every other day before, but something felt different. During a call, I became so frustrated and felt so dumb that I started to tear up. In a meeting. Not my best moment.

After a walk around the block and an ice cold diet coke later, my schedule dinged with an important meeting

An interview with Leah Bailey and her Cozy Ink podcast. The day did a complete reversal and we had a great chat.

Find the interview here on Tuesday May 12:

As part of the interview, I offered a giveaway for an ebook copy of MURDER AT FIRST PITCH.

Rules are as follows:

  1. Listen to the podcast and answer the question asked.
  2. On my website here, find the award that the book most recently won.
  3. And finally, join my Facebook group, Nicole’s Starting Lineup and/or my Twitter @nanazlyn.
  4. Once there, find the post with this link and leave your answers! First to complete wins!