Murder on Millionaires’ Row by Erin Lindsey


Murder on Millionaires’ Row by Erin Lindsey

Did I just fall in love?  Oh yes, yes I did.

This book has it all:  *insert Stephon gif here*

  1. Plucky housemaids
  2. Surly bosses
  3. Pinkertons!
  4. Ghosts/Shades
  5. Mysterious witches
  6. Bumbling police
  7. Super hot aristocrats

Rose Gallagher is secretly in love with her boss Thomas Wiltshire.  Only problem?  He’s the man of the house and she’s his maid.  *cue sad trombone*

When he goes missing, she decides that she is going to be the one to track him down since the police don’t seem to care.  She always dreamed of a life outside of service, and this was her chance.  Her best friend/co-worker Clara tries her best to talk her out of it, but to no avail.  Rose wanders around the mansions of 5th Avenue and the seedy underbelly of the Five Points neighborhood.  Things get weird when she stumbles upon a ghost (or the  ghost stumbles upon her), and she is then led on an even more remarkable journey than she had planned on.

The mystery was great, and once Thomas re-enters the picture, I started swooning.  I cannot wait for the next book (hopefully there is a next book) because this really ticked all my boxes.