Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding by Rhys Bowen

I’m gonna say it.  I love Rhys Bowen.  Her Molly Murphy & Royal Spyness series are just delightful.  I started with the Molly Murphy series and blew through those so quickly….I anxiously await the next one (book 17!).  Molly is a spunky Irish Immigrant living in turn of the century NYC and I just love the character so much!

But, the reason I’m here is because Net Galley & Berkley Publishing gave me the opportunity to read the latest in the Royal Spyness series (book 12!) coming out August 7.


Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding by Rhys Bowen

It was kind of fun reading this book with less than a week to go before the next Royal Wedding (Harry & Meghan forever!).  Lady Georgiana Rannoch is 35th in line to the throne and engaged to the dreamy Darcy O’Mara.  While related to royalty, she is not wealthy and at the beginning of the book living in her friend’s house using her maid.  Trying to find an apartment/house that both her and Darcy could afford was proving to be difficult.  Luckily, one of her mother’s former husbands (of which she has plenty), who happened to raise Georgie for a time, names her his heir.  He happens to be a world traveler and offers her and Darcy his grand estate for their use.  He only asks for space when he’s home from his various travels.

She readily jumps at the chance.  Prior to the wedding she decides to go up and start getting the house in order.  Upon arrival, she finds a curious set of employees, all different from those that previous worked under her stepfather.  They don’t seem to be the usual sort of servants, and Georgie tries her hardest to whip them into shape and get the house back in tip top shape.  Her old maid, Queenie (her of the “Bob’s your uncle) comes on board, and her mother comes to stay as well.  Mysterious happening occurs, and a very Jane Eyre situation rears it’s head.  I thought I knew what part of the mystery was, but the end was still a surprise with a twist.

The wedding itself between Darcy and Georgie gets rushed at the end, I would’ve liked to see more of the wedding itself.  BUT, the mystery of the book was great, and I still enjoy the characters very much.

I can’t wait for the next one!  See where Darcy and Georgie go now they are married.  Maybe duel spy missions?

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