Ruth Ware

Ruth Ware has quickly become one of my favorite authors.

It started when I read this book:


The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

Those who know me, know I have a few big fears.  Fire is one.  Cruise ships are another.  Being gaslighted is another.  This book checks two of those boxes for me, and I was hooked.  Did the main character witness a murder on a cruise ship?  It is a small cruise but there is something weird going on about it.  And I LOVED it.  A great thriller.  So, when her next book came out, I was onboard right away.


The Lying Game by Ruth Ware

This book is set in a mysterious town in England near a boarding school.  It centers on four “friends” and how they survived during the school year and how they reconnect later.  Again, it’s a creepy thriller, and Ruth Ware is amazing with getting into psychology of women and friendship relationships.  Each time I read her book, I learn something new about female friendships.

So, I decided after reading these two books to go back and read her first book.


in a dark, dark wood by Ruth Ware

This was my favorite of her books!  I’m so upset I didn’t read this sooner.  It’s a cabin based murder mystery, which I love!  A group of “friends” meet to celebrate one of their own getting married.  The reader learns bits and pieces about the relationship of those in the house, all while flashing between what happened in the cabin, and what is now happening in the present.  Leonora is the friend who doesn’t really know why she was invited to her old friend’s party, but succumbs to peer pressure to attend.  We first see her stumbling out of the woods covered in blood.  But who’s blood is it?  The book flashes back to the time in the cabin where we learn more about what exactly happened.  So good!

Ruth Ware’s new book comes out soon, and it looks super creepy and gothic, which I’m totally into right now.  So I’m a bit excited.  If you like twisty female driven thrillers….then Ruth Ware is for you!


The Death of Mrs. Westaway


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