I know it’s a little after Halloween, but I just read the Alice Hoffman books about witches and loved them!  So it’s time to write about it.

I got the Alice Hoffman book, “The Rules of Magic” as the winner of a contest, which also included tea, black soap, and a mug to enjoy the book with.  Now, I don’t remember watching the movie “Practical Magic” which is based on her other book, so I didn’t know the story that follows the book.  I’m watching the movie version of Practical Magic right now after picking up the book from the library.

But, back to the rules first.


The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

Not knowing the story of the Owen’s sister that followed this book, I was engrossed from the beginning.  Spells, old spinsters, cats, old houses….just my speed.  This book was billed as the prequel to Practical Magic, it follows the lives of three siblings and their mother’s need to leave the influence of their witchy heritage.  Hanging over their heads is the love curse that has plagued their family since their first ancestor Maria Owens.  The story was fascinating, following the three siblings learning about their powers and struggling to accept them.  There are two big moments in the book where the writing really hits home.  I cried twice.  TWICE!  In this book.  Books don’t usually get me like that often.

So, after reading the prequel, I needed to read the first one “Practical Magic”.


Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

So, this book picks up right where the newest book ends.  With sisters Sally and Jillian moving in with their elderly Aunts.  They grow up being teased as witches by the people in the neighborhood and after a tragic event, Sally decides to take her family away from her Aunt’s to live a so called normal life.  After some travels, her sister Jillian comes back into her life and upends everything she had worked so hard to maintain.  The book follows the trials and tribulations that their reunion brings about.  I also cried in this book too.  Alice Hoffman is good.

Watching the movie right now, so soon after reading the book, I’m still invested in the characters and their lives.  Even if some of the plot has changed from the book.  But I like reading about witches in a natural sort of way.  Nothing crazy supernatural about it.  Just women living their lives.

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