Recent Book List

Okay, I’ve read a TON of books in the past few weeks.  (Benefits of not being busy at work and there not being anything on TV recently).  So I’ve decided to a bunch of quick notes.  Just to give you an idea of some of the books I’ve taken a stab at this past month and a half.


Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown

The story of one girl and living with the legacy of her “missing” mother.  It touches on the relationship this young woman had with both of her parents and her hope that her mother is somehow still out there.  After her mother was missing for 12 months, the petition to have her declared dead is in the court system.  She starts to have visions of her mother and believes that her mother didn’t actually go missing and is somewhere still out there.  Billie Flanagan, her mother, went out on a hike one day and just didn’t return.  When reading the book, I went back and forth on if Billie was still alive or not.  I received this in my Mystery Pagehabit Box last month and it was definitely a good one.


Death in Dark Blue by Julia Buckley

This is the second in the Writer’s Apprentice mystery series.  Lena London works as an assistant to celebrated gothic mystery author Camilla Graham.  We learned in the earlier book that her neighbor has been accused of murdering his wife.  He and Lena get closer and find that the woman is actually alive and he was falsely accused.  His wife’s best friend comes to the small town to apologize to him and ends up murdered around his house.  Is he the murderer or does the crazy amount of press in the town have something to do with it.  I enjoyed this entry in the series and want to read more.  I won this copy in a contest with the author on Facebook…it’s the best place to get book recommendations!

Now, to the fantasy series:


A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J Maas

Um, so I devoured the three books in this series without even really loving it.  Lots of violence, lots of sex, and lots of vulgar language.  Now, I’m no prude, but I couldn’t believe this was a Young Adult novel.  It definitely felt adult to me.  I liked that the story had a definitive ending after the third book, and even if the author writes more, I don’t know if I’d pick it up.  There were faires, monsters, sorcerers, shapeshifters, and all manner of terrifying things.  The main character is taken from her family and sent to live with one of the creatures that terrorized her town/life.  The story follows the highs and lows of that.  Almost like a Beauty and the Beast sort of thing.


The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

This is the much better series of the two fantasy series in my opinion.  I’m on the third book now and love it.  The first book is the story of the new Queen of the Tearling, Kelsea, and her journey to the throne.  There is vague talk about the “Crossing” that we learn more about in the second (and third) books that I found to be fascinating.  These books felt a little bit more grounded to me, which I liked.  Even with a bit of magic involved, it never feels gratuitous.  I would definitely read more by this author.

Now, for my wheelhouse…books set in WWI and WWII


Secrets of Nanreath Hall by Alix Rickloff

This book travels between both WWI and WWII which was super interesting.  Lady Katherine Trenowyth grows up in the Hall but leaves in scandal and disgrace.  Her daughter, born Anna Trenowyth is now a nurse in WWII brought home after an accident.  When she finds out her adoptive parents have been killed during the Blitz (so sad), she is assigned to assist at a hospital located at Nanreath hall, the same place her mother grew up.  She decides to try and find out more about her mother and then her father.  The twist about her father in the end made me gasp out loud.  I had thought something totally different.  If Downton Abbey was your thing, this book would work for you.


Goodnight from London by Jennifer Robson

This was my favorite.  I LOVED everything about this one.  A plucky heroine, a dashing man in uniform, journalism!  Ruby Sutton is sent to London to cover the war and quickly learns how to survive bombings (the Blitz), British food, and heartbreak.  She ends up falling for her editor’s best friend, Captain Bennett, but through fits and starts.  She also continues to file stories reflecting on the every day happenings in wartime London with her trusty photographer Mary.  It’s just a beautifully told story and WWII comes to life in it.  Robson’s other books are great as well.  One of my favorite authors!

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