The Travelers by Chris Pavone

Spies!  Tension!  Drama!  Sex!  Violence!  Domestic issues!  Magazine Editorials!  Wait, what?

I was heading out on a father/daughter trip down to Florida for Red Sox Spring Training, and I wandered into a Hudson News at Logan airport like I have a tendency to do.  Usually I get a water, some tic-tacs, and maybe a magazine.  This time, a book on the shelf caught my eye.


The Travelers by Chris Pavone

I had read one of his previous books and enjoyed it immensely, so I picked it up for a quick read on the plane and at the beach.  I had hoped to finish it over the weekend and hand it over to my dad, but ran out of time!  I finished it last night at home, and enjoyed it immensely.

The focus is on a travel writer by the name of Will Rhoades.  He works for a moderately successful magazine Travelers is married to a fellow writer (who left the magazine when they married) and also helplessly broke.  He took on a house renovation while still traveling abroad more times than he can count. His wife is anxious to get things done and starts pulling away from him at the same time.  One night in France, he meets a beautiful woman and shares a connection with her.  He refrains from sleeping with her until he sees her again in Argentina.  And, well….the inevitable happens.

But, SHOCKER.  She’s not who she says she is.  She brings Will into a game of intrigue and suspense and he has no idea how to extricate himself from.  Interspersed with stories from his boss, his wife, former co-workers, and fellow spies…the book takes the reader on a journey from NYC to Portland to Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, London, and eventually Iceland.  The action never stops, and neither do the lies.

It turns out Travelers has connections that even he couldn’t begin to guess about.

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