A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain

One of my favorite parts of attending writer’s conferences the past few months has been discovering new books!  At both Malice Domestic and Bouchercon, there were “new author” breakfasts that let authors get the chance to introduce their new books while enjoying a delicious meal!

At the Bouchercon I attended in New Orleans last fall, one author stood up and introduced her book something like  (and I’m paraphrasing) “a kick ass woman from the present fighting crime in Jane Austen England”.  Yup, sold.  I’m into it!  I bought her book then and there.  I brought it to her to sign and she couldn’t have been nicer!  Yay for networking!

So, here is the book (and it’s on sale on Kindle right now!)


A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain

The story follows gifted FBI agent Kendra Donovan on a quest to right some wrongs.  She tracks down the man responsible for a tragic traitorous event she was a part of to England.  When she goes to confront him, she trips into some sort of a wormhole transporting her to the early 1800’s.  Unaware of how she arrived and why she arrived to that specific time, she tries to acclimate to her surroundings.  Although deemed suspicious by the Duke and Lords of the house, she ingratiates herself with the family when a woman is found murdered  on the property.  Kendra uses her knowledge from the FBI to try and solve the case.  Of course danger abounds, and more women go missing.  Kendra puts herself in danger in order to save others.

Plus, could that cover be any more gorgeous!  The second in the series comes out this Spring, and I can’t wait.


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