The Mothers: A Novel by Brit Bennett

Wow.  I was engrossed as soon as I started the story.

It’s a novel by a debut author, and it’s stunning.  It’s definitely out of my comfort zone of historical and cozy mysteries, but I couldn’t put this book down!  (I might have even been reading at my desk during down times at work).

In addition to joining Book of the Month club, I also subscribe to the Bookish Box (which is just stuff with a book twist) and the Quarterly Lit Box.  The lit box is all curated by an author with their latest book and books that inspired them on their journey.  Plus fun tchotchkes as well.

So this book was the last Quarterly Lit Box was this novel:


The Mothers: A Novel by Brit Bennett

“The Mothers” are a sort of Greek Chorus of women from the Upper Room Chapel in Southern California that tell the story of Nadia Turner.  Nadia loses her mom to suicide, starts acting out, and becomes distant from her father.  A tumultuous relationship with the Pastor’s son leading to an unwanted (seemingly) abortion shape the way Nadia turns away from her home life and move far away from California.  Before leaving, she gets a job with the Pastor’s wife throwing her into orbit with the perfect seeming Aubrey.  Aubrey who goes to Church every Sunday, volunteers at all Church functions, and is the perfect goody-two shoes to Nadia’s wild child.

They become best friends, even when Nadia leaves for college and law school.  Even though they are close, they still keep major secrets from each other that threaten to blow up the friendship.  All the while, it’s seen through the prism of the Church and it’s parishioners.

The Pastor’s son, Luke, is also a focus as they show his spiral and eventual rebound after his time with Nadia.  In a twist, he starts a relationship with Aubrey which brings Nadia right back into his orbit.

The book is great.  Two thumbs up, can’t recommend enough!



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