So I’m still reading a ton of books, but I’ve forgotten to write about them here!  I’ve been so focused on finishing my first cozy mystery, that I haven’t really had time to get on the good ol’ blog.

To start, my book is done and sent out to various agents in hopes of getting representation.  For those that enjoy a good mystery and baseball, I hope you’ll read my book if/when it comes out!

I attended the NE Crime Bake in early November and had a fantastic time.  Compared to the other conferences I went to, this one seemed more focused on the author side of things instead of the fan side of things.  I met some super great people (who are no on my twitter list!)  and I even got to pitch my book to several agents.  Several of the requested more information, so hopefully that will lead to good things.

If not, there is always the option of self-publishing.  Some of the authors at the event self-publish and LOVE it.  While I would love to go the route with an agent to help me navigate the waters…if it comes down to it, publishing it myself might be an option in the new year.

So anyways….I swear I’ll get back to books soon!  I just went to see Andy Cohen with my bestie, so his book is next on my list. Stay tuned!

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