A Certain Age: A Novel by Beatriz Williams

*Phew*  Writing is hard work!  I just started working on my first cozy mystery and I’ve been trying to write pretty consistently for the past few weeks.  I’m around 20,000 words or 60 pages in, but at the same time, I’m taking a class on “Mastering the Mystery Genre” with the Sisters in Crime Guppies page.  It’s really helpful, but I’m finding less time to write while completing my assignments.

For reference, my last day at my current job is Friday, and I’m taking the entirety  of next week off to hopefully get some writing done (and maybe head to the Cape for a mini-vacation).  I start my new job (still in the same field) on the 18th, so I want to get as much done before I start there!

At the same time, I’m making my way through my TBR (to be read) pile.  It never seems to get any lower, but that’s okay.  Books are great all the time.

Last night, I finished reading an Advanced Reader’s Copy of


A Certain Age: A Novel


For fans of the roaring 20’s, flappers, and decadence, this book is for you.  Also, for fans of intricate murder mysteries.  The book starts with a newspaper clipping of a famous trial with many glittering faces involved.  You’re not quite sure who all the people are yet, but it definitely reads like a true crime novel at the start.  The two main characters that we follow through the book couldn’t be more opposite.  Theresa is an older woman, married, with children, and a very handsome lover.  Sophie is young, independent, and newly engaged.  She happens to be engaged to Theresa’s brother!  The handsome lover of Theresa, soon meets Sophie and then a sort of love triangle is formed.  Through parties, mishaps, and clandestine meetings, we learn more of the story that opened the book.  By the end, we are shocked by the culmination of the trial and it’s aftermath.  Beatriz Williams also leaves one part of the story open to further interpretation, with Sophie’s sister off to find her wayward husband in Florida.  Now that book I would also read.

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