The Nest

One can never have too many books in my opinion.  That is why my “to be read” pile keeps growing faster than I can read things!  With that in mind I recently joined the “Book of the Month” Club.  It was advertised on my Facebook, so I finally buckled down and checked it out.  Each month, you get a choice of new release hardcover books (ranging from fiction, biography, nonfiction, etc).  Once you pick your book, you can add other books on for an additional fee, or just choose to get the one you want.

This past month, I chose the novel “The Nest”


The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

This is about a supremely dysfunctional family, their relationship to each other, and the inheritance their father put together for them known as “The Nest”.  Like nest egg, get it?  Four adult children, Melody, Jack, Beatrice, and Leo are granted to access the money as soon as the youngest of them, Melody, turns 40.  Before they can get to that point though, the money is put into jeopardy when one of the four does some bad decision making.  The story is then framed around how the rest of the family copes with possibly not getting the money they were desperately counting on.  There isn’t a happy ending for everyone, but at the same time, the family becomes closer than ever.  Or, at least most of the family does anyway.  **Dramatic keyboard music**

Once the book got going, it was hard to put down.  While I didn’t love all the story lines, they at least seemed somewhat realistic.  It showed how one person in a family can directly change and influence the other family members even without knowing it fully.  Also, the family member who jeopardizes tall the money is a huge jerkface.  Nothing remotely redeemable.  I know that’s a sign of a good book when I actually hate one of the characters.  Strong feelings are always a good sign.  Good drama and good comedy, definitely worth a read.


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