The Royal We

This saying is my jam.  I say it a lot.

Also, like any young girl growing up on a diet of Disney Princesses, Barbies, and my little Ponies, the Royals in England have always held a fascination with me.  It doesn’t hurt that the two princes my age are super cute and seem super nice.

The book, The Royal We


It’s a loosely based story on Prince William and Kate Middleton.  It follows a young American, Bex, who moves to Oxford to study and ends up falling in love with Prince Nicholas, who also attends Oxford.  Prince Nick (like Prince William) has a younger brother, Freddie.  Freddie is the “spare” who lives life to the fullest.   He’s the “fun” one.  And in descriptions bears a striking resemblance to the current Prince Harry.

The book shows the highs and lows of dating a person of royal birth, and even at the crappy moments it still has an air of romance about it.  The two writers actually make the people sound real, and the dialogue is witty and sharp.  It’s a nice read for anyone who ever dreamed of being part of the English royalty.

It also mirrors the show “The Royals” on E!  At least the first season anyway.  It followed a young prince and the daughter of his security detail who fall in love.  But in a soapy, fantastical sort of way.  Plus, it has Elizabeth Hurley as the queen….and she’s sooooooo good in this!  Highly recommended watching!

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