Mycroft Holmes


Mycroft Holmes

Yes, you read that picture of the cover right.  This book is from the mind of one of the greatest basketball players in the modern era….Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  And, it’s good!  It’s an entertaining book!  And well written!  So don’t be discouraged by thinking it’s just a book by someone famous.

We all know Sherlock Holmes.  We’ve read the stories, seen the movies, and even watched the most recent TV shows about him.  One person in his life that also seems to be fascinating but never fully discussed is his brother Mycroft Holmes.  This book touches on what his earlier life was like.  Before his brother became the world famous detective he was soon to be.  At this time, Sherlock was still in school and Mycroft was working in the War Office in London.  Mycroft has some of the similar traits as his brother, the photographic memory, the tendency to rub people the wrong way, but unlike his brother he actually has feelings and empathy for his fellow humans.

Which ends up being what this mystery is about.  The mystery takes us from London to the streets of Trinidad and the surrounding islands.  Holmes travels with his best friend Douglas, who happens to be an African-American who owns a tobacco shop in London where he and Holmes do most of their talking.  The whole mystery at the end was pretty surprising, and I have to say, I didn’t see the resolution coming.  As a fan of mysteries, this one was a good one, and I’d be interested to see if there are any more Mycroft Holmes stories in the pipeline.  It’s nice to have a Holmes with feelings, friends, and real romances.

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