Other book-ish sites!

So I’m in the midst of an epic reading binge.  At least three real books currently and one or two e-books.  It’s crazy.  I can never decide what I want to read!  When I’m at work…*ahem*…working, I tend to read heavier fare.  Currently, it’s a biography about Davy Crockett…yes, that Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.  When I’m at home and getting ready for bed, it’s a good ole’ fashioned cozy mystery.  So I have a bunch of books going all the time.

When I’m not reading, but want to read about reading….I have a couple of sites that I follow and you should too!

One very important booksite is Goodreads :  http://www.goodreads.com/

Here you can look up new books, review books you’ve already read, connect with other book fans, and even enter contests for books that aren’t released yet!

Another site is Bookriot:  http://bookriot.com/

This is a fun one.  They put together lists of different literary themes to help you decide what to read next.  It also has fun stuff like The Muppets!  http://bookriot.com/2015/10/14/classic-literary-muppet-moments/

And for the mystery lover…..

This one is a collection of some of my favorite mystery authors:  Jungle Red Writers:  http://www.jungleredwriters.com/

They provide sneak peeks at some of their books, interview each other, and basically have a great time.  If I could ever get into writing a mystery, I’d want to be part of this crew.

And for a straight review site:  Cozy Mystery Book Reviews:  http://cozymysterybookreviews.blogspot.com/

Hopefully you enjoy some of these sites as well!  I know there is an exhaustive amount of things to read, but hopefully these websites can help you narrow down you intrests (or, if you’re like me….just expand your “to be read” pile even more).

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