Things about books! Book Things!

I’m a sucker for book stuff.  Not just books….but stuff about books/reading.  It’s probably a sickness.  I’m not sure what it would be called….but I must have it.

Recently I found via Facebook the Storiarts company:  Storiarts

I of course LOVE everything they do.  I immediately bought a pair of the Pride & Prejudice Writing Gloves pictured here:


My desk/office is habitually cold.  Like, deep arctic cold.  (I have my theory that its because of the men in the office….they like to screw us peons out of our comfort).  So these were perfect for me.  I can continue to type and access all my various spreadsheets.  I know, I fell asleep just typing what I do at work.  You get me internet.

I also purchased this lovely Sherlock Holmes scarf.  I love scarves.  Winter is my jam because I can wear scarves without looking like a crazy person.  Even if I might be one.


A long time ago, in a land probably far away….but most likely in Virginia somewhere, I bought a necklace similar to this one:


I wear it all the time here at work.  I think of it like a talisman.  A wearable vision board.  I’m hoping by wearing it, I will either get inspired to write a book, or to find a job that involves books (see previous posts).  But for now, I’m stuck with spreadsheets.  I guess that’s valuable too.

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