Welcome to my book site!


I’m a reader.  The picture above shows my “To Be Read” pile (with a cameo by Julia Chavez).  It keeps growing!  The books, not the cat.

I don’t know how I really got so into reading, but I remember vividly reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in high school and LOVING it so much that I couldn’t wait to read more novels.  As I’ve grown up, my tastes have changed.  In high school and college, I was all about the Harlequin Suspense romance novels.  Action and romance?  Sign me up!

Now I find myself into a historical mystery rabbit hole.  If it has a strong female detective character, a sort of helpful policeman character, and an exotic location (well, more exotic than Boston anyway), I’m in!

I’m also the type of person who reads about three books at a time.  One real life book, and most likely one or two e-books on my Kindle Fire.  I love my e-reader.  I was one of those people who used to pack 3 to 5 books in my suitcase for a long weekend.  Being able to now put them all in a small compact package?  Yes please!

This site is just something to keep me busy and hopefully help others find some good book recommendations.  I don’t read a ton of newer books, mostly older series and whatnot, but if I can introduce my friends/readers into a new series or genre, I think that’d be pretty cool.



One thought on “Welcome to my book site!

  1. I am so happy you started your book blog Nicole, I will be checking back often for your suggestions on a good book! A good book is like a good friend!


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