Central PA! I’m coming home!

Okay, I’m coming home for the weekend. And as a child who grew up in a lot of different places, I think Mechanicsburg should be considered my home base. We spent over 10 years there as a family (with some detours/breaks along the way).

I’m so excited to be going to the Harrisburg Senators game on Saturday night to sign/sell both books in the Ballpark Mystery series. I used to go to City Island ALL the time back in the day. I’m so glad they are letting me participate. They are playing the Bowie Baysox, so I think my dad (who lives in Bowie) is going to make the trip up. I’m also hoping to see some old HS friends or some of my brother’s friends. It’s going to be fun. Before the game I’m meeting up with some old friends in Mechanicsburg for lunch. It’s gonna be fun.

I’m also excited to see how things have changed since I moved away in 2006. I know it’s probably crazy different, but it’ll be fun to see! I will also be stopping by the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop hopefully on Friday. I met the lovely owners at Malice Domestic this year, and can’t wait to check out their shop.

This won’t be my only trip back this year. On October 1, 2022 I will be attending the Hershey Chocolate Town Book Festival.

This won’t be my only trip back this year. On October 1, 2022 I will be attending the Hershey Chocolate Town Book Festival. I’ll also be on “Good Day PA” live at 10am on Friday September 30. I did an interview with Amy during the pandemy, so it’ll be exciting to be in STUDIO! So make sure to check it out!

Don’t feel left out Massachusetts peeps! I’ll be doing a BUNCH of events this fall around the South Shore. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/TikTok to learn of any new events. I hope to see you!

Release Day!

I have two books in the world!

That’s crazy right?

I’m getting ready to hit the ballpark in Nashua, NH on July 4 to sell some book and watch some futures baseball! For those that know, my grandpa was originally from Nashua, so it holds a special place in my heart.

Release day party? Unfortunately I have to work (got to pay those bills!) So I won’t be able to celebrate my release day until this weekend. And then, July 16 I hope to celebrate with all of you at the Study Hall 101 in the Kingston Collection. Books! Snacks! Pool tables! Cake!

It’s the summer of promo fun! This weekend I had a lovely interview with friend Kevin Tocci and his radio show on WATD 95.9 here in Massachusetts. (Just audio for now).

I also did a zoom chat with fellow Pandas Elgon and Christine for their “C&E Show”!

Make sure to come find me at events this summer! Lots happening! Make sure to keep checking my events page!

Thanks to everyone for their support in my writing journey. Now, time to focus on finishing book three!

Sooooo close now!

Concession Stand Crimes is under two weeks to release date!

You can pre-order it for your e-reader now, and it will be delivered before you even wake up on June 29! If you’d prefer a hard copy (which, trust me, I get it), make sure you swing by my official launch party on July 16, 2022 at the Study Hall 101 in the Kingston Collection!

All are in invited….there will be cake! Snacks! Books! Pool Tables! I will be selling and signing the entire time and I hope to see you.

Tewksbury Writers Group – May 16, 2022

This past Monday I had the great opportunity to talk to this writers group in Tewksbury, MA. My friend, Dale Phillips (Indie author extraordinaire) invited me to come to talk to his group and it was AMAZING. Dale is always great (and taught me all I know about mysteries—-at the Cape Cod Writers Conference a few years ago).

This group had great feedback, questions, and suggestions!

Malice Domestic 2022

In person conferences! Yes, we had Crime Bake in November, but that was a little bit smaller.

Travelled to Bethesda, MD with several hundred other mystery authors/fans. I was lucky enough to be on a panel, AND have a book signing. I got to meet new readers (shoutout to Stephanie the Royals fan), talk about my book, talk about being a geriatric millennial, and pick up a ton new books! Wore a total of three Svaha dresses all weekend (lots of compliments). You can find their super cool dresses here! www.svahausa.com (Lots of mirror selfies were taken).

Can you google a killer panel:

Since the pandemy effectively cancelled Malice Domestic for the past three years, I was still considered a “new” author. That meant I got to participate in the fantastic new author breakfast on Sunday before I left. I have never met a microphone I didn’t like, that’s for sure.

While I didn’t get to see everyone, I did finally talk to someone I’ve been twitter friends with since the beginning of the pandemy. We were in a panel together right when everyone was learning how to use zoom, and we immediately connected over sports! SPORTS! She’s the author of the Brooklyn Murder Mysteries which are super fun/funny! Check her out!

Here we are on the final day with fellow mystery author (and resident of Mechanicsburg PA) Misty Simon (who has a million books out in different series!) https://mistysimon.wordpress.com/

Of course, the good times had to end. I didn’t even get to talk to everyone I wanted to! It was a jam packed weekend. Even squeezed time in with my Dad who came for the panel on Friday. The drive home on Sunday was long, but I was so glad that I went! Next up conference wise is Bouchercon. I haven’t flown since well before the pandemic, so I’m already a little anxious about that. Plus, Malice turned into a bit of super spreader event, luckily most of us were vaxxed so it was pretty mild all the way around. I never tested positive, but know many who did. So the pandemic is not over yet!

In other book news, book two is still on track for release June 29. I’m having a public book launch party at Study Hall 101 in Kingston MA on July 19 from 12-4pm. Feel free to swing by and pick up a signed book, swag, snacks, and cupcakes! Also, if you have an e-reader, pre-order the book now! Concession Stand Crimes

Enjoy some videos from my Tik Tok at Malice!

Authors for Ukraine

Like most people, I have been watching the Russian invasion of the Ukraine in horror and empathy. I didn’t know if there was anything I could do, and felt helpless.

Enter author Amy Patricia Meade. She rallied fellow authors and created an AMAZING auction where authors could donate and ANYONE can bid. The auction is open until April 12 and as a group we are hoping for lots of money to help those suffering in the Ukraine.

I have donated a signed copy of book one, some swag, and an ARC of Concession Stand Crimes.

Bid early and bid often!


From the website:

Authors for Ukraine Charity gives readers the opportunity to bid on SIGNED AND DEDICATED books by over 170 of their favorite authors as well as discover and support works by writers who might be new to them.

All proceeds from this auction benefit CARE’s Ukraine Crisis Fund, which strives to reach 4 million with immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance — prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly. https://www.care.org/

CARE is a Charity Navigator four-star rated charity.

Concession Stand Crimes Update

June 29, 2022 is release date!

Stay tuned…planning for a launch party is in the works. Save the date for July 1!

If you have a Kindle, you can pre-order the book NOW and not have to worry about purchasing it in June!

Also, I had some fun with book trailers in Canva today. Here is the first attempt!

Emerging from the Pandemic

Remember the before times? Events, people, concerts, etc. Well, now that the pandemic is winding down (not over!), my events calendar is starting to fill up again. Remember baseball? I hope by the time you read this an agreement will have been reached and we’ll have a season.

Book two is on track for release early this summer. So my schedule in turn is ramping up as well!

I was hoping to have some copies of my book for my first event, MALICE DOMESTIC in Bethesda in early April, but I don’t think I’ll have copies. For those that haven’t read MURDER AT FIRST PITCH, I will be signing and selling copies there as well!

May is pretty quiet (so I’m looking for events if you have any thoughts!).

June I will be attending the Natick Farmers Market with several of my MWA and SINC members. June 11 All day! June 18, I will be at Rockland Day at the vendor fair as well. So if you’re on the South Shore make sure you stop by!

I’m still working with several minor league baseball teams in the hopes of joining them in their ballparks to sell my love letter to baseball book. My plan is to attend a Harrisburg Senators game in July or early August (update, Aug 6 is now on the calendar!). I would be so nice to see the team that I used to see in MS/HS on City Island. (And of course visit some of my old haunts…Pomfret St Books in Carlisle? Cumberland Valley HS reunion?)

Sept 8-10 is Bouchercon in Minneapolis, MN. Never been there, but I went to Bouchercon way back in New Orleans and had such fun at that conference. And by then I should have tons of copies of the 2nd book for signing and selling!

Finally, I registered to be a part of the Chocolate Town Book Festival in Hershey PA on October 1. Again, a trip to my HS family. Plus, a trip to Hershey park in order too? Is Chocolate World still free? Is the song still the same? Will it smell like chocolate in town? Maybe even book a stay at the Hershey Spa while I’m there. Mmmm…chocolate.

*Phew* Hopefully my anxiety won’t creep back in and I can make all these trips! I miss seeing people/readers and introducing them to my little cozy mystery. Also, I’ll be updating the events page as things get more confirmed (and I can take a work break).

Do you have favorite types of events you like to see authors at? Email me at nasselin2004@hotmail.com!

Firebird Award Winner!

I saw this contest on a Twitter feed a little while go. I loved everything about it! They run the contests quarterly, and there a TON of different genres to enter. My book was obviously entered in the Cozy Mystery category and WON! Woooooooo!!!

The best part of this contest?

“At Speak Up Talk Radio, our mantra has always been this: Speak Up–your words can change the world. You never know how your words affect those you may never meet. And to help you become a magical helper, like the mighty firebird who drops pearls, your entry fee is used as a tax deductible charitable donation to brighten the rooms of women and children in homeless shelters.

All entry donations fund Enchanted Makeovers 501(c)3 women and children’s long term shelters renovation and transformation project, naming you as the donor.

A humble pillowcase can transform the way women and children see their shelter bed by turning it into a place to travel away from their circumstances and into their dreams.

These bright and patterned pillowcases are handmade with love. This one simple gesture can bring happiness and joy even through the hardest times. Thank you for joining us”

To all my author friends, I highly recommend this contest and organization!